Interesting 10 years retrospective on “The cathedral and the Bazaar”


Interesting read on what open source has been good for, on the difference between Linux and Wikipedia and on how to best harness the power of crowds.

Also a highly positively reviewed new book that formalizes in almost mathematical fashion what diversity is good for (I haven’t read it yet). The classical work on the matter is “The Wisdom of crowds”.

Excerpt from the initial article: “Raymond was clear on that point when, toward the end of his paper, he examined some of the “necessary preconditions” for the bazaar model of production. “It’s fairly clear,” he wrote, “that one cannot code from the ground up in bazaar style. One can test, debug and improve in bazaar style, but it would be very hard to originate a project in bazaar mode.” In a recent e-mail to me, he was even blunter. “The individual wizard,” he wrote, “is where successful bazaar projects generally start.” “